Explore our 5 stories about how daylight is transforming spaces to favorite places

Daylight reveals true colors, artificial light does not

Create the best space for our kids. Right orientation and optimal daylight in the working space and view are the basics that make a room properly solved.

Sun light and the clouds makes room living

Here we spend most of our time while at home. There is no substitute for daylight, it changes its intensity and color throughout the day. And exposure to it can reduce the feeling of fatigue and also prolongs the day itself.

Light conditions creates atmosphere, drama and intrigue in a room.

Modern bungalow offer plenty of light targeted at the places we use the most. Upper lighting is an ideal way to illuminate the middle part of the floor-plan. An open ceiling at the ridge of the roof is peace of excelent design.

Bring the sun inside the building is a duty of the architect

Transforming an empty attic into an attractive apartment can offer many possibilities. But only a stream of sufficient daylight and a beautiful view trough the windows, can truly give an attic apartment a real special charm.

Every room need access to natural light

Bathroom with natural light is dream of all who live in flats. Use oprtunity of sun bath without breaking privacy. This smal change will not only increse owner satisfaction, but also whole property value.

A daylight provision strategy is a game changer when it comes to a good or bad room design

To work effectively, you need an office that is more than just a desk with a laptop on it. The most important things for your home office are: plenty of natural light, fresh air and proper shading.